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“When I first heard Eduardo Galeano use the word “sentipensante” it motivated me to create a style of work that could be defined as though it were a feeling.” -Dourone

Your work is both intellectual and emotional, inspired by the writings of Eduardo Galeano who stated “Think with your heart, Feel with your head.” Can you explain your inspiration upon learning about Eduardo’s work and how you communicate this philosophy throughout your pieces?

I like listening to people who are intelligent because it helps me put my thoughts into words. With Eduardo Galeano, when I first heard the word “sentipensante” it motivated me to create a style of work that could be defined as though it were a feeling. I do not like a clear and understandable message as it seems more like an order and not a deeper reflection for the viewer.

Your passion for art began with your love for drawing as a child and developed into your personal graffiti style as an adolescent, making your mark DOUR on the streets of Spain. As your personal style has developed what is biggest creative lesson you have learned along the way?

The greatest creative lesson I had was many years ago when I signed up for an illustration course that lasted three years. I lasted three months when I realized that they taught me: first, to work every day (something I was already doing) and second, they did not let me have my own style. I had to copy the teacher’s style to have my work approved. From that moment, I did not stop drawing, nor looking for a style where I was not reflected in.

With this, I do not mean that schools are not good (now I would love to have studied fine arts) what I mean is that it is an art to enjoy and learn and when you do not feel it like that, it becomes an obligation and a frustration.

As your work is a reflection of your beliefs, what overarching themes do you hope to convey through your work?

Well, it is something that I think about very much and it can become a challenge for me. As I said before, I try not to make the message very clear, but that it is attractive enough to attract your attention and make you reflect. During these last three years, the work speaks about three values that are important for me which are respect, diversity, and freedom.

At the moment, my work continues to evolve just like me and a change is coming but I never leave aside the things I learn along the way but I’m adding and removing those that are losing meaning by themselves.

Your life partner, Elodie, has become a predominant source of your artistic inspiration as her features can be seen throughout your female portraiture. How has your work transformed after meeting Elodie?

Elodie aside from my muse is a person, my friend, my partner, my love, my life… The relationship we have is very special and atypical. It is normal to see her reflected in my work because apart from being very beautiful and working with her features, in five years the maximum time we have been separated have been 24 hours.

My work since Elodie is, of course, more stronger and I always say that my work with Elodie is 1+1=3.

You are a social advocate who feels strongly about participating in the women’s movement. How has this advocacy been represented throughout your work and artistic mission?

I am an advocate of humanity. I like to give a message of respect, diversity, and freedom. I defend the discrimination of women because for me it is part of humanity. But I do not want to show abuse or discrimination, etc. in an aggressive way to create hatred. I like the fact of raising awareness.


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