Authentic beauty lies in imperfection is the message underscoring the campaign that introduces the first Gucci Makeup collection by Alessandro Michele.

Shot by Martin Parr, the images and video turn capture the feminine ideals that embody lipstick as an iconic makeup tool, and turn inside out how historically beauty rules have informed that lipstick should be applied perfectly. Parr conveys this idea in a way that echoes his own documentary-style oeuvre which spans five decades. Referencing the collection’s inspiration of vintage Hollywood movie stars, the campaign constructs a narrative that merges this theme with a surreal dream sequence presented as an 80s aesthetic of irony, humour and playfulness. The products are introduced by different programs on the #GucciBeautyNetwork, tied together by a dream sequence that appears while a lead character watches TV. Appearing in the campaign is Dani Miller, the lead singer of punk band Surfbort, whose music touches on politics, sexuality, mental health, and social media.


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